I have a confession.

I miss being crafty.

Okay…a few confessions.

I miss you guys.  I miss blogging here, too.

So why did I stop at all?  Well, I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses, so let me share something with you–something my dad always says: “It’s an explanation–not an excuse.”

What’s my explanation, anyway?  It started with a great job opportunity; some of you might know this from a tweet on ACA’s Twitter account.  It fell through due to constant back pain, and I kicked myself for a while after that.  I started to lose weight in hopes that my back pain would go away.  Heck, I even started a weight loss blog here.

It took me a while to realize how depressed I was, and for a while, I tried to lie and say I wasn’t mad at myself.  I also ignored my crafty pastimes, threw myself into schoolwork, and gave up on weight loss…for a while.

But I figured it out, folks.  Balance is the key.  When I don’t balance work and play, I go nuts, and trust me when I say I freak people out when I’m nuts (my aunt would vouch for this).

Crafty, creative things make me happy, and they help me relax.  I need to knit.  I need to draw.  I need to scrapbook and sew and crochet.

I also need to do schoolwork and get healthy, but–once again–balance is the key.  I feel so much better when I balance my daily activities.

How about all of you?  What throws you off your game, and how do you fix it?

And more importantly, what do you want to see in the next post?  😉


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